“ My mission is to create for you a cherished legacy, bringing to life the expression of your vision through the medium of paint.”

Janet was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Drawing and painting came to her at

an early age, and she attended Canterbury High School of the Arts, but is otherwise,  largely a self-taught artist. Now living in the artist’s mecca of Merrickville, she is surrounded by inspiration daily.


Janet worked as resident artist at the Alloy Foundry in Merrickville for 11 years, sculpting emblems for sandcast aluminum signs and hand painting the powder coated castings. She sculpted the pattern for the cast bronze maple leaves which are set in the stone gateposts of the Prime Minister’s Residence on Sussex Drive in Ottawa. Janet also created emblems for 33 hand painted ship’s crest plaques to hang in the Admiral’s boardroom of the Canadian Navy.


At this time, Janet is making art her full-time passion. Portraits of people, pets or places dear to you are what she loves to paint. Why not let Janet create a cherished legacy for you?  Your family will be sure to enjoy it for generations to come.


SZULGA DESIGN    Box 473, 611 Elgin Street, Merrickville ON  K0G 1N0               613-552-1277                 email:  janet@szulgadesign.com